I took my site out because 1- I needed to change it and 2- Showers with out a pump site are the greatest thing


I don’t want to put a new site in. 

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hardcore tubing 👌

Am I the only t1 who doesn't want a pump? :|


I do not like the idea of my life being in the hands of an electronic device. And I definitely don’t like having to be hooked constantly to something. I just don’t like things in my body in general.

Plus it just seems like the inconveniences outweigh the benefits? I don’t know, I’m on pen shots…

Don’t do it. If your sugars are good, the long term cons arent worth it.


So I had an anon message asking for some insight into my ‘diabetes life’. I took these while doing my set change just now - old one failed (think it must have hit a blood vessel/vein or something!) causing a delightful mid-morning bs of 16.1 :-/ but luckily medtronic delivered some new infusion sets today, which are the ‘side’ sets (go in at an angle) which work better for me than the straight-in ones.
I was going to post these under a read more… but on second thoughts, no. Why should I feel the need to hide my diabetes? I still hate needles, but sadly if I didn’t learn how to cope with them, I would be dead. Yes, this isn’t pleasant - but it’s what I have to do to survive and live the life I deserve. Just like eating. Things may be hard, but if I am willing to put needles into myself everyday to survive, why wouldn’t I be willing to eat (a considerably nicer experience!) to keep me alive? Gives it a bit of perspective :) I put it in around my hip area - and this is what that looks like - delightful scarring! Something I am VERY self-conscious about. For my it isn’t ‘rolls of fat’, but little dots all over my side and my stomach - but I learn to deal with it. Because why waste my life hating what will not change? I want to live and that means sometimes disassociating myself from what I SEE; simply BEING. And this is what you need to try and do when you see yourself as ‘fat’. Look at the facts, then close your eyes, turn away from that mirror, and live through your mind. Your mind is who you really are. Your body is just a vessel to facilitate it; to allow your mind to fulfil its potential. And if your body isn’t healthy, your mind cannot be. When I was underweight, my sets were SO painful - for me that was a clearer indicator than any that I needed to gain. Your body is just a vessel that holds your beautiful mind and only with a healthy body can your mind hope to be healthy and bright and strong. Focus on BEING. That is the only thing that should matter.

"Many times people think if God has called you to something, he’s promising you success. He might be calling you to fail to prepare you for something else through the failure."

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I had a pump for 10 years..

  • And I hate it. I have to change my tubing at least twice each time because of scar tissue; I don't want to move to a completely new sitemail area because of the formation of scars/lumps. When I assume a change is successful, I only end up getting "no delivery" when it's too late (hello high bg).
  • I'm seriously considering switching back to syringes. Anyone have any tips on this? I never independently used syringes and have no idea how to calculate anything. ):